1Mii Ankbit-E3 TWS Bluetooth Headphones

With its modern design and Qualcomm clip, it brings you good quality sound and modern wireless life.

Comfortable and easy use: With its ergonomic design the wireless headphones are very comfortable to use them in a long period, and it is very easy to pair them with their Bluetooth devices, such as mobile, tablet. In addition, we provide 3 pairs of rubber of different sizes so you can choose the most customary.

One or two: You can choose to pair a wireless headset once or twice at the same time. If you cannot hear one of the headphones or cannot connect them to your device, you only need to restart 1mii E3 Bluetooth headphones. Put the headphones back to the charging box. Cancel “Ankbit-E3-L”, “Ankbit-E3-R” of your previously connected device. Then take the headphones out of the box ninely.

Press the MFB button on each headset simultaneously in 15 seconds (5 seconds to turn them off and another 10 seconds to reset them.) The light blinks red and blue 3 times.

Activate the Bluetooth of your device and select “Ankbit-E3-L” to connect.